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Friday, December 21, 2018

10 Things You Miss Most About Nac and SFA Over the Christmas Break

10 Things You Miss Most About SFA and Nacogdoches Over the Christmas Break 
                                      The smell of pine trees after the rain!
Image result for pine trees sfa

                        Chicken fried steak days at the East College Dining Hall
Image result for chicken fried steak

                                          The "Walk in the Park" to class!
Image result for sfa campus

                                    Running into your friends at Chick Fila
Image result for sfa chick fil a

                              The 2$ movie tickets at the Student Center Theater
Image result for SFA movie theater

                                The 6 in the morning to midnight Rec Center.
Image result for SFA rec center

                      Competing in Intramural Sports and getting way too into it.
Image result for SFA intramural sports

      Getting that D2L email about the class being canceled or making an A in an                                             exam you thought you bombed!
Image result for d2l SFA

                  Going to Benita and Dancing your heart out after a long week!
Image result for Banita creek hall

          Using Dining dollars instead of the $8 you have left in your account until                                                                 next Friday!
Image result for sfa dining

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