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Friday, November 16, 2018

Prepping for Finals!!!!

Prepping for Finals!!!!

   As we all know Thanksgiving break is upon us! Please enjoy this time with your loved ones and take a second and realize what us, the students have done. SFA students have dealt with multiple organizations, intramural championships, and managing our school work. In our own way, we are superheroes who are striving for a degree and pursuing our dreams in our professions. The biggest problem we students have is handling the undisciplined mindset of procrastination. Finals are around the corner! Finals will star in four weeks and all of us need to do our best not to cram 24 hours before with sleepless nights and a pack of red bull! A couple of tips from a seasoned vet!


 A simple way to distinguish information from exams that are filled with wordy questions and helpful for note taking and making certain facts or formulas easier to notice. Most professors will allow students to use during exams and will benefit you no matter what classes you are taking!

Creating A Schedule!

Creating a schedule to map out all of the hours for study, classes, and organizations will benefit you in the long run. If students stick with the schedule, they will be better off and more prepared!

Office Hours!

Office hours are key! DO NOT SHOW UP A WEEK BEFORE. The best time to make an impression is right after Thanksgiving Break! Come prepared with questions and show a great attitude! I always ask what are the most misunderstood concepts in class and create a review of the hardest material and start reviewing ASAP

Good Luck and Be Safe!


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