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Friday, November 30, 2018

Farewell to our soon to be Jack Walker Graduates

With only 7 days before Graduation, we would like to mention our Jack Walkers who will be graduating and what they have accomplished in the program!

Julianna Pisano

Julianna is an incredible student who is finishing up her last semester of nursing school and already has a Bachelors in Psychology. She has been a part of the Jack Walker family since November 2016. She will be working at Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas on their Stepdown IMC unit.

 Her favorite moment in the program: "I had a student on tour who wanted to go to Sam Houston. He toured with me before going to visit Sam the next day. I sent him a postcard after our tour joking that he would look way better in purple than he would in orange. His mom emailed us and said that his experience at SFA was incredible and the postcard he received in the mail helped seal the deal for his decision to become part of our Lumberjack family. "

Holly Clay

Holly Started Fall 2014. She is graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing. She will be working in Nacogdoches while preparing for her Real Estate license exam! After her Fiance graduates, she will be moving to Dallas.

Her favorite moment in the program: "I have two big favorite memories/moments! My first was at my very first Jack Walker retreat! We spent the night at these little log cabins outside of Nac, and we all gathered together super late and played some ridiculous game and just laughed and had the best time! I knew I had found my people! My second favorite memory would be when I received my backpack! It was such a proud moment, and I had absolutely no idea it was coming! It made my whole week! Knowing that I have been able to help so many families and students was a great moment!"

Joshua Jordan

Josh Started Spring of 2017! After he graduates he will be moving to the Dallas area to put his marketing degree to use.

His favorite moment in the program:“My favorite memories of being a Jack Walkers is our countless family nights ranging from going dancing at Banita Creek Hall and our fun loving Christmas parties. I’m going to miss this organization because we are more like a family. ”

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