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Friday, November 2, 2018

A Look Into Our Leadership

A Look Into Our Leadership

Being apart of Jack Walkers isn't just about changing lives and giving tours! Every program needs leadership and guidance to be able to change the lives of those who step foot onto this campus.  Being a Lead Jack Walker gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership, communication, time management, articulation, confidence and ability to connect with different communities on campus. Lead Jack Walkers are the ones responsible for hiring and training new Jack Walkers, planning and organizing retreat each semester, and planning out the tour schedules. Since we are in the midst of applications, we would like to introduce the current Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Lead Jack Walkers!

Avery Sriyaranya

Hometown: Burleson, Texas
Major: Marketing
Classification: Senior
Involvement: Club Soccer/ Rock Climbing Club
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker: 
I get to see Jack Walkers grow and become better versions of themselves as they go through challenges and obstacles all throughout college! I love working with wonderful individuals who make me want to work even harder.

Clarissa de Santiago

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Health Science
Classification: Senior
Involvement: Chi Omega, Student Nurse Association, Jack Camp, and SFA101 Student Instructor
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker:
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker is getting to know each individual on our team and watch them grow and succeed through their college careers. The Jack Walkers mean everything to me and are like my family away from home. Being the one to help them grow within the program and personally is the most rewarding feeling. 

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