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Friday, July 13, 2018

Advice for New Incoming Students!

Advice for New Incoming Students!

If you're an incoming Freshman or even a transfer student, coming into college can be a nerve-racking experience.  Hopefully, you are more excited than nervous but if you are slightly nervous, no need to worry! We have asked a few of our Jack Walkers what advice they would give the new incoming students here at SFA. This is what some of them had to say!    


"Prepare for the lecture before going to class. Skim over the chapters in the textbook your professor is lecturing about before they talk about it. Not only will you have a better understanding of what’s going on, but you can ask pertinent questions and make sure you grasp the material while your teacher is available to you. Plus they will respect you SO MUCH MORE if you’re an active participant in their class versus a passive consumer. It also gets you in the habit of being prepared which makes you a more marketable employee. $$$$"


"You don’t HAVE to find “your people” the first week on campus and don’t force your friendships. Surround yourself with people with similar interests/ambitions and it will come SO NATURALLY. Getting involved is a great way to do that, but don’t spread yourself too thin! You know yourself best and you know how much you can have on your plate and still be successful!! You’re a student first!"

"You will get a lot of unsolicited advice from everyone. That’s just how college is sometimes.  At the end of the day, just make sure you do what’s best for you."

"Get out of your comfort zone!! “Close mouths never get fed” so ask questions and ask for help before you need it! Get involved, take care of yourself & be a proud Lumberjack! When you are invested and involved on SFA’s campus you will love every single minute you are here!"

"GO TO CLASS, it’s not worth it to sleep in. You can always nap later."
"Join at least one organization right off the bat."
"It’s okay to eat alone at the dining halls!"

"Bring cleaning supplies and medicine. You don’t think you’ll need it but when you wake up and you feel like you’re going to die you’ll thank yourself."

"RUSH !!!!!!!!"
"You can eat alone, I did it often."
"Find a way to stay organized, (post-it notes, planners, alarms for each class and study time)"

"Handwrite your notes in outline form, build your own type of shorthand that helps you understand things (make jokes in your notes that will help you memorize them). After you write your notes, type and edit them, then WRITE THEM AGAIN! I promise this helped me ace my cumulative finals. Memorization and repetition is key."

"You only live the college experience once enjoy it, but above all things, during this experience, your education should be your main priority!!"

"Get involved in SOMETHING at least. You will enjoy your college life so much more and you make more friends. Also, go to your SI's and utilize the tutoring services because you are already paying for them. Lastly, get your money's worth in any and every aspect. You will be ballin' on a budget so FREE will be your best friend lol!"

"Don't be afraid to meet new people! Say hi to anyone and everyone, you never know who you could meet, whose life could change yours, and how you could change theirs!"

"Always make sure to put your studies first and extracurriculars 2nd because that’s the reason why you came here in the first place! Lastly, it’s ok to change your major a couple times until you find the right one for you and your future!"

Hope these tips help you! We can't wait to see new faces on campus! As always...THANKS AND AXE 'EM!!

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