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Friday, December 21, 2018

10 Things You Miss Most About Nac and SFA Over the Christmas Break

10 Things You Miss Most About SFA and Nacogdoches Over the Christmas Break 
                                      The smell of pine trees after the rain!
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                        Chicken fried steak days at the East College Dining Hall
Image result for chicken fried steak

                                          The "Walk in the Park" to class!
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                                    Running into your friends at Chick Fila
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                              The 2$ movie tickets at the Student Center Theater
Image result for SFA movie theater

                                The 6 in the morning to midnight Rec Center.
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                      Competing in Intramural Sports and getting way too into it.
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      Getting that D2L email about the class being canceled or making an A in an                                             exam you thought you bombed!
Image result for d2l SFA

                  Going to Benita and Dancing your heart out after a long week!
Image result for Banita creek hall

          Using Dining dollars instead of the $8 you have left in your account until                                                                 next Friday!
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Friday, December 14, 2018

5 things to do to reward yourself after finals

The semester is finally over. You have trucked through Finals and now have 5 weeks to relax and recoup! Here are 5 ways to reward yourself after another semester of deadlines, mandatory organizational events, and 8AM classes.

Originally Friends was going to be removed from Netflix in January but now they renewed the license for a whole year. It is time to kick back and relax and binge watch your favorite show or something new! Binge watching shows and movies are our generation's favorite pastime and what better time to do it than when you have little to no responsibilities on your days off of your seasonal job!

One of the best parts of the SFA experience is that not only the happy memories you will hold but the relationships you will make during your time stressing out at the library before it closes.  I do not doubt that friends will not be super far away from where you are staying during the holidays. Reach out to those who are within a short distance and grab lunch and see a movie!

Music is a huge stress reliever for many students and there are a large number of concerts going on during the break! From Elton John to Jason Mraz, there are plenty of bands that students could go see to take their mind off of the struggles of school.

Start your summer bod NOW. The campus rec will be flooded with students who are trying to work on their fitness for their new year's resolution. Be the early bird and start getting the grind the moment you can! Before you know it you will see progress before new years!

Spend time with your family and loved ones! It is the time to be rejoice and be thankful for the people that have been there since day one. For some of us this might just be the biggest reward of all! Coming home after countless hours of studying and waking up early just to do well on exams and project not only to make good grades for ourselves but to make our family and friends proud back home.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Farewell to our soon to be Jack Walker Graduates

With only 7 days before Graduation, we would like to mention our Jack Walkers who will be graduating and what they have accomplished in the program!

Julianna Pisano

Julianna is an incredible student who is finishing up her last semester of nursing school and already has a Bachelors in Psychology. She has been a part of the Jack Walker family since November 2016. She will be working at Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas on their Stepdown IMC unit.

 Her favorite moment in the program: "I had a student on tour who wanted to go to Sam Houston. He toured with me before going to visit Sam the next day. I sent him a postcard after our tour joking that he would look way better in purple than he would in orange. His mom emailed us and said that his experience at SFA was incredible and the postcard he received in the mail helped seal the deal for his decision to become part of our Lumberjack family. "

Holly Clay

Holly Started Fall 2014. She is graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing. She will be working in Nacogdoches while preparing for her Real Estate license exam! After her Fiance graduates, she will be moving to Dallas.

Her favorite moment in the program: "I have two big favorite memories/moments! My first was at my very first Jack Walker retreat! We spent the night at these little log cabins outside of Nac, and we all gathered together super late and played some ridiculous game and just laughed and had the best time! I knew I had found my people! My second favorite memory would be when I received my backpack! It was such a proud moment, and I had absolutely no idea it was coming! It made my whole week! Knowing that I have been able to help so many families and students was a great moment!"

Joshua Jordan

Josh Started Spring of 2017! After he graduates he will be moving to the Dallas area to put his marketing degree to use.

His favorite moment in the program:“My favorite memories of being a Jack Walkers is our countless family nights ranging from going dancing at Banita Creek Hall and our fun loving Christmas parties. I’m going to miss this organization because we are more like a family. ”

Friday, November 16, 2018

Prepping for Finals!!!!

Prepping for Finals!!!!

   As we all know Thanksgiving break is upon us! Please enjoy this time with your loved ones and take a second and realize what us, the students have done. SFA students have dealt with multiple organizations, intramural championships, and managing our school work. In our own way, we are superheroes who are striving for a degree and pursuing our dreams in our professions. The biggest problem we students have is handling the undisciplined mindset of procrastination. Finals are around the corner! Finals will star in four weeks and all of us need to do our best not to cram 24 hours before with sleepless nights and a pack of red bull! A couple of tips from a seasoned vet!


 A simple way to distinguish information from exams that are filled with wordy questions and helpful for note taking and making certain facts or formulas easier to notice. Most professors will allow students to use during exams and will benefit you no matter what classes you are taking!

Creating A Schedule!

Creating a schedule to map out all of the hours for study, classes, and organizations will benefit you in the long run. If students stick with the schedule, they will be better off and more prepared!

Office Hours!

Office hours are key! DO NOT SHOW UP A WEEK BEFORE. The best time to make an impression is right after Thanksgiving Break! Come prepared with questions and show a great attitude! I always ask what are the most misunderstood concepts in class and create a review of the hardest material and start reviewing ASAP

Good Luck and Be Safe!

Friday, November 2, 2018

A Look Into Our Leadership

A Look Into Our Leadership

Being apart of Jack Walkers isn't just about changing lives and giving tours! Every program needs leadership and guidance to be able to change the lives of those who step foot onto this campus.  Being a Lead Jack Walker gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership, communication, time management, articulation, confidence and ability to connect with different communities on campus. Lead Jack Walkers are the ones responsible for hiring and training new Jack Walkers, planning and organizing retreat each semester, and planning out the tour schedules. Since we are in the midst of applications, we would like to introduce the current Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Lead Jack Walkers!

Avery Sriyaranya

Hometown: Burleson, Texas
Major: Marketing
Classification: Senior
Involvement: Club Soccer/ Rock Climbing Club
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker: 
I get to see Jack Walkers grow and become better versions of themselves as they go through challenges and obstacles all throughout college! I love working with wonderful individuals who make me want to work even harder.

Clarissa de Santiago

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Health Science
Classification: Senior
Involvement: Chi Omega, Student Nurse Association, Jack Camp, and SFA101 Student Instructor
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker:
What I enjoy most about being a Lead Jack Walker is getting to know each individual on our team and watch them grow and succeed through their college careers. The Jack Walkers mean everything to me and are like my family away from home. Being the one to help them grow within the program and personally is the most rewarding feeling. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Get Involved! Become a Jack Walker!

Get Involved! Become a Jack Walker!

By far, the best decision you could possibly make throughout your college career is whether or not you should get involved on campus! Here at SFA, we offer over 200 various Student Organizations, ranging from Greek life to organizations pertaining to your major! Since Jack Walker applications are right around the corner, think about becoming a Jack Walker!  Being a Jack Walker is a great way to get involved on campus, create connections, meet some pretty cool friends, and become connected to SFA! Take it from our Senior Jack Walker Arden! Here is what she has to say about getting involved and why you too should be a Jack Walker!!!

Arden has been involved in: 
- Jack Camp, Counselor
- A Jack Walker
- Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Alumni
- Certified Campus Recreation Lifeguard since 2014

What advice would you give to students looking to get involved? 
"Try everything at least once! Keep an open mind! One of the best things about college is having endless amounts of opportunity to try new things!"

Why do you think students on campus should try to become a Jack Walker?
"It gives you the opportunity to share your individual Lumberjack experience with perspective students and families! It can't get any cooler than that!"

Get involved and think about becoming a Jack Walker! 
Just a reminder that applications will be available, next week, October 30th, 2018 at 8:00 am on the Second floor of the Rusk building in the Office of Admissions (206)!

Our first Interest Meeting will be next week on Wednesday, October 31st from 6-7 pm in Liberal Arts North room 142! Hope to see you there!

Facebook: SFASU Jack Walkers
Instagram: @sfajwalkers
Twitter: @sfajwalkers
Email: sfajwalkers@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Are You Interested in Becoming a Jack Walker?

Are you interested in becoming a Jack Walker?

If so, then keep on reading! If not, I can guarantee that you'll want to after you read this post!

What is a Jack Walker?
We are the Tour Guides/Life Changers on campus. We are responsible for helping families and guests get the most out of the Lumberjack and Campus Experience.  Being a Jack Walker is a very prestigious position on campus but even more than that, a very integral part of the decision making process for prospective students. It’s what we do – we are many times the first face families see and/or have interaction with the Stephen F. Austin State University Campus.  We ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ because not only are the Jack Walkers true Lumberjack fans who support SFA, we are leaders on campus and truly believe in this institution.  We are here to give prospective students the Lumberjack Experience not just with a campus tour but with overall customer service and a full Campus Experience.

How do I apply?
Applications will be available October 30th, 2018 at 8:00 am on the Second floor of the Rusk building in the Office of Admissions. The applications are due Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 4:00 pm and must be turned into the Admissions office front desk.

How to get more information
An opportunity to gain information will be the week of November 5th-November 9th where we will have a table outside of the Baker Patillo Student Center from 10 am-3 pm! There will be Jack Walkers at the table handing out applications and answering questions.
If you're looking for more in-depth information on what it takes to be a Jack Walker, attend one of our three interest meetings! The interest meetings will be on the following dates: October 31st, November 6th, and November 8th.  Time and Location of the interest meetings will be announced on all social media platforms.  Although it is not required to attend an interest meeting to be a Jack Walker, know that these meetings will allow you to gain more information and will allow us to get to know you!

So do you have what it takes to be a Jack Walker?? Well, we hope to see you at our events and your application! Follow our social media down below for announcements and updates!!

Facebook: SFASU Jack Walkers
Instagram: @sfajwalkers
Twitter: @sfajwalkers
Email: sfajwalkers@gmail.com

Thanks and Axe 'Em!
Lead Jack Walker

Friday, July 13, 2018

Advice for New Incoming Students!

Advice for New Incoming Students!

If you're an incoming Freshman or even a transfer student, coming into college can be a nerve-racking experience.  Hopefully, you are more excited than nervous but if you are slightly nervous, no need to worry! We have asked a few of our Jack Walkers what advice they would give the new incoming students here at SFA. This is what some of them had to say!    


"Prepare for the lecture before going to class. Skim over the chapters in the textbook your professor is lecturing about before they talk about it. Not only will you have a better understanding of what’s going on, but you can ask pertinent questions and make sure you grasp the material while your teacher is available to you. Plus they will respect you SO MUCH MORE if you’re an active participant in their class versus a passive consumer. It also gets you in the habit of being prepared which makes you a more marketable employee. $$$$"


"You don’t HAVE to find “your people” the first week on campus and don’t force your friendships. Surround yourself with people with similar interests/ambitions and it will come SO NATURALLY. Getting involved is a great way to do that, but don’t spread yourself too thin! You know yourself best and you know how much you can have on your plate and still be successful!! You’re a student first!"

"You will get a lot of unsolicited advice from everyone. That’s just how college is sometimes.  At the end of the day, just make sure you do what’s best for you."

"Get out of your comfort zone!! “Close mouths never get fed” so ask questions and ask for help before you need it! Get involved, take care of yourself & be a proud Lumberjack! When you are invested and involved on SFA’s campus you will love every single minute you are here!"

"GO TO CLASS, it’s not worth it to sleep in. You can always nap later."
"Join at least one organization right off the bat."
"It’s okay to eat alone at the dining halls!"

"Bring cleaning supplies and medicine. You don’t think you’ll need it but when you wake up and you feel like you’re going to die you’ll thank yourself."

"RUSH !!!!!!!!"
"You can eat alone, I did it often."
"Find a way to stay organized, (post-it notes, planners, alarms for each class and study time)"

"Handwrite your notes in outline form, build your own type of shorthand that helps you understand things (make jokes in your notes that will help you memorize them). After you write your notes, type and edit them, then WRITE THEM AGAIN! I promise this helped me ace my cumulative finals. Memorization and repetition is key."

"You only live the college experience once enjoy it, but above all things, during this experience, your education should be your main priority!!"

"Get involved in SOMETHING at least. You will enjoy your college life so much more and you make more friends. Also, go to your SI's and utilize the tutoring services because you are already paying for them. Lastly, get your money's worth in any and every aspect. You will be ballin' on a budget so FREE will be your best friend lol!"

"Don't be afraid to meet new people! Say hi to anyone and everyone, you never know who you could meet, whose life could change yours, and how you could change theirs!"

"Always make sure to put your studies first and extracurriculars 2nd because that’s the reason why you came here in the first place! Lastly, it’s ok to change your major a couple times until you find the right one for you and your future!"

Hope these tips help you! We can't wait to see new faces on campus! As always...THANKS AND AXE 'EM!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Internships!


Here at SFA, every student is given the opportunity to participate in a hands-on learning experience no matter their major.  Experiences such as internships on campus or off, SFA students will be prepared for their real-world careers! This Summer, we have two of our very own Jack Walkers participating in summer internships back in their hometowns! Here is what Joshua and Kayla have to say about their hands-on learning experience so far:


I’m interning at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas in their environmental department! I got recruited by the company towards the beginning of the semester and went through a formal application and interview process since then. I have learned so much in the field that helps keep me motivated in my classes! This includes site analysis, species studies, testing biochemical oxygen demand to gauge the population of an area... basically to ensure that the plant runs at its optimum efficiency without hindering the surrounding environment and that the natural environment doesn’t hinder the plant’s function. It’s a very hands-on position and this is a company I will look to work for in the future! Getting a glimpse of what my future can look like only gets me more excited for the fall! It is a paid position so it definitely benefits me throughout the months where I am not working as much! All of your academic advisors recommend internships and this is why! You will grow so much with experience, and that is true for every field of study. I’m wishing everyone a fun and safe Summer! Axe ‘Em Jacks and #RushENV!!


P.S. Please note the cool hard hat and happy people I get to work with.


“I am interning at Mattress Firm this summer. I received my internship by attending the career fair back in the fall. I am learning sales techniques with a program that is one of the best in the nation. Besides selling mattresses I have multiple projects to execute with my group before the summer is over. These projects range from research to giving back to the community. At the end of the summer, they will name an Intern Of The Year and grant them with a scholarship. What’s awesome is that it’s a paid internship as well and those are hard to come by. I’m grateful to benefit financially this summer by this opportunity but also in the long run. My customer service, sales, and marketing skills are growing day by day. After this summer I will be trained to be a Manager with a job waiting for me when I graduate in December. Mattress Firm loves us Lumberjacks so check them out at the next career fair if you get a chance.”


Monday, May 21, 2018

Congrats Spring 2018 Graduates!

Congrats Spring 2018 Graduates!

With Summer in full swing, we would like to remember and congratulate our fellow Jack Walkers for Graduating this Spring!  They have bright futures ahead of them and although they might be going far, they will always have a special place in our Jack Walker Family!

Bailie Modesitt
Graduating Degree: Bachelor of Science
“Hey guys! My name is Bailie Modesitt. I’m a senior here at Stephen F. Austin State University. I’ll be receiving my Bachelor’s of Science degree on May 12th, 2018, and I’m looking to pursue a career within the dental field starting this August! Throughout my time here at SFASU I’ve joined several organizations but nothing stands out like being a Jack Walker. Through this organization I’ve learned so many great qualities on friendship and leadership. I’ve made so many lasting memories and friends. If you’re lucky enough to join this organization, please don’t take it for granted. This organization is something special.”

Bobby Morris

Graduating Degree: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration
“Jack Walkers is hands down my favorite organization that I’ve had the honor of joining. We make a huge impact on families, bigger than we realize and it’s the most rewarding thing.” Bobby now works in Dallas at the Omni at Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters!

Jairo Mendez

Graduating Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a General Business Minor
 “I love and will miss my Jack walker family! It has been a great journey being an ambassador for this amazing university. Nacogdoches, Texas will always have a spot in my heart along will the memories I’ll hold. (No Pun intended).”

Katie Higgins

Graduating Degree: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality
Katie has received a position at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, TN! Congratulations Katie!!

Nathalia de la Espriella

Graduating Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.
“I don’t even know how to explain to y’all how much the Jack Walker program means to me. It’s done for me in such a short amount of time. When I joined, I thought it was going to just be a job, but it’s given me SO much more than that. It’s taught me responsibility, how to work hard, but most of all, its shown me how much I truly love this university. Jack Walkers has not only given me lifelong friends, but a lifelong family. Jack Walkers will forever hold a special place in my heart and I’m going to miss y’all so so much! Axe Em Jacks forever!”  After Graduation, Nathalia plans on going to grad school!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Meet our New Jack Walkers!

Meet the new Jack Walkers of Spring 2018:

Danielle "Dani" Heydon:

Hometown: Longview, TX
Classification: Junior
Major: Finance
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because it was the school that felt the most like home! I love the pine trees and the beautiful campus!" 

 Dee Clark:

Hometown: Rockall, TX
Classification: Junior
Major: Marketing/Sports Business
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because it was the perfect distance form home and I liked the smaller student to teacher ratio that SFA offers!" 

 Delanie Kipp:

Hometown: Plano, TX
Classification: Freshman
Major: Communication Disorders
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because of the hometown feeling and because I love the color purple!" 

 Jordan Ronquillo:

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Business Management
Why SFA? "I fell in love with SFA with SFA on my first tour here with my best friend. So many influential people in my life are SFA alumni, and now I can see why they loved this campus! It's not just a pretty place to hang out, but its an amazing community where I can be myself and can be active!" 

Kev'Ron Madden:

Hometown: Longview, TX 
Classification: Freshman
Major: Finance
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because it was the perfect distance from home!" 

Paige Witt:

Hometown: Springtown, TX 
Classification: Freshman
Major: Political Science, Pre-Law
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because as soon as I got out of the truck when I was coming on tour, I could tell this was going to be my next home. The people were very friendly and I could see how much the faculty cared about student's success. I loved the small town feel, even though the town itself was not that small. I also love the gorgeous trees that surround Nacogdoches!" 

Victoria Lopez:

Hometown:Fort Worth, TX 
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Rehabilitation Services
Why SFA? "I chose SFA because of the smaller class sizes, the small hometown feeling, and because SFA has a LOT of school spirit!"