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Friday, September 22, 2017

The Pets of JWLC

The Pets of JWLC 
Everyone needs a best friend in life, and ours just so happen to be a little furry! Meet the many pets of our JWLC! 

Arden and Jake:

Bailie and Bo:

Clarissa and Finley:

Graham and Dixie:


Haleigh, Lulu, and Coco:

Hannah S. and Elton:

Holly, Penny, and Rosie:


Jairo and Duke: 


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Study Tips

First Exam Study Tips 
First exams are right around the corner here at Stephen F. Austin State University, so we decided to help out our peers by offering various study techniques that a few of our Jack Walkers implement in their classes! Check them out!

"Start studying for the material at LEAST two weeks in advance, I promise you will thank yourself later for not cramming the night before. Go ask your professor/SI/personal tutor questions if the material does not make sense to you, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU LOOK DUMB for doing so because I promise you're the smartest one for asking. Go to SI. If you didn't do well on that first exam, go talk to your professor and ask if they have any advice for you, and most importantly change the way you studied if your first technique didn't work. RELAX." 

"Study the material at least 24 hours after you have learned it! Use Flash cards, and teach a friend! Also, try and record the lecture if your professor allows you."

"Go over your notes after each lecture, so you can highlight important information, organize your notes, and summarize the lecture enough to gain a whole understanding of what your professor covered in class." 

"Quizlet is your BFF. Find a good study partner/group. Do NOT Cram! Do not be afraid to ask for help from the professor." 

"Start looking over and studying the material a week in advance. Go to SI to get any additional study techniques they might have to offer to help you prepare better for that specific course."

"Don't do what others do when studying, do what works FOR YOU! Flash cards don't always work for everyone. Take an evaluation on how YOU study best and do what is best for you! Work smarter not harder!"

"I print off all my notes before class that way I take notes over any additional notes my professor may verbally state in class.
Once I get home, I rewrite all of my notes from class and make a new power point from my stuff that I rewrote just to keep my stuff organized! I also print off my syllabus and place it in the front of my notes so I know when all of my exams are."

"Print the PowerPoints out before class if available on D2L and take notes on what the professor says rather than what is on the slides in class."