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Friday, May 1, 2015

Why the SFA Jack Walkers love the Big Dip Ceremony

Finding your seat within SFA's Grand Ballroom is just the beginning of one of the most exciting traditions on SFA's campus, the Big Dip ceremony.

It is today that hundreds of students earned their SFA rings, several of which were Jack Walkers.

It is an honor only upper class-men qualify for.
The ring symbolizes achievement and promise for your future as a forever Lumberjack.

Below, our very own Lumberjacks explain why their ring means so much to them on this special day.

Nick Terrell: "This day is important to me because I view the Big Dip as a day to reflect on all of my earned achievements, thus far, and to enjoy participating in an unforgettable SFA tradition."

Miguel Rodriguez: "Today is important to me because this shows the work that I've put in to achieve this milestone in my career at SFA and because I get to enjoy this amazing tradition with some of my closet friends that are also receiving their rings."

Maddie Lane: "Today is important to me because I just gained another family! I love SFA and all of the friends I have made while here. It's so special to me to share today with so many amazing people!"

Congrats to our Jacks!

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