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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall #SFAShowcase15 Winner

First things first, this November Showcase Saturday was amazing! So many great moments were had across the board and it was such a beautiful day, on an even more beautiful campus!

But, every Showcase Saturday there is a photo challenge! We search far and wide through all of the social media outlets to find one future Lumberjack with spirit (and creativity) far above the rest, and we found our contest winner!

Shout out to @rhi_beddome !

With the jumps for Lumberjack Spirit, her friend with the amazing handstand and a guest appearance from Surfing Steve it's no surprise that she's taking home the gold!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We'd love to see you again at our Spring Showcase's in 2016! 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Showcase Saturday is Back Again!

It's about that time once again! Stephen F. Austin State University's Fall Showcase Saturday is upon us again. Taking place on November 14th, 2015, SFA's Showcase Saturday is essentially a campus wide "open house" for potential students and their families to come and see what the best the school, and the town of Nacogdoches has to offer!

The event is put on by the Stephen F. Austin Admissions office, with brief campus tours throughout the day, presentations from what to do about receiving financial aid, to how to get involved on campus and the chance for every student to take home their first SFA shirt, Showcase is truly an exciting event for the campus!

This is always a great time for parents and students to come and get any questions answered about the university. If students are on the fence, this is usually the (fantastic) turning point where they realize that they truly do want to become a Lumberjack. From checking out where they may live, meeting their potential orientation leaders and getting a feel for what will be their home for the next four years, Showcase Saturday definitely puts the anxious mind at ease.

So grab your friends, don't forget Mom or Dad, Uncle or Aunt and maybe even Grandma and Grandpa, load up the car and make sure to make your way to Nac. Showcase Saturday isn't a college event you want to miss!

Jermaine M. Merritt
Senior, Mass Communications

Friday, June 12, 2015

Demi Payne: Lumberjack and National Champion

Last night, the purple lights were shining for a Lumberjack who did something no other Lumberjack has done before. Junior Demi Payne, won the NCAA Women's Pole Vaulting Championship title. 

Payne remains the only athlete in SFA history to hold a national championship title, among all sports. 

Now, not only did Payne win, she shattered the previous national record by almost a foot! At 15'-5" Payne could comfortably pole vault her way to the Starbucks on the second floor of the student center! 

Payne expressed her true excitement about her win, below, and we couldn't agree with her more! 

Now, the champion pole vaulter moves on to the next journey in her career: the road to the Olympics

On behalf of the entire SFA Office of Admissions staff, we are so proud of you, Demi Payne!! Thank you for showing what true determination and never-ending hard work can earn you! 

Axe 'Em Jacks! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We want to hear your questions at SFA Summer Orientation!

Are you coming SFA Summer Orientation this summer? Do you have questions? Well, we have answers! 

Tweet us your admissions and academic questions @SFASUadmissions throughout your orientation. We will be answering those questions LIVE at your Friday morning opening session!

Welcome to SFA, your new home away from home! We can't wait to hear from you!

Axe 'Em Jacks!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 things we miss at SFA over the summer

After finals week, many Lumberjacks pack their bags and go home for the summer. While the SFA still holds many classes, the feel of campus isn't the same as it is during the busy fall and spring months.
We asked several of our Jack Walkers what they miss out SFA during the summer.
Here is what they had to say...

1) Ariana Smith (left) - "I am going to miss the organization's tables that are usually set up outside of the student center and in the yard giving out free food!"
2) Jake Miserak (middle) - "I'm going to miss throwing up my axe 'em in every picture I take! People think I'm crazy back home."

3) Bobby Morris (left) - "I'm going to miss all the pine trees & nice weather that makes for a good day of adventuring with your friends. We don't have trees in Austin, haha"
4) Holly Clay (left) - "I'm going to miss late night Einstein's runs with friends while studying at the library!"

5) Jermaine Merritt (right) - "I miss the hustle and bustle of campus and seeing all of the students, faculty and staff and more, going about their day here at Stephen F. Austin."

Wishing all of our Lumberjacks a successful finals week and an even better summer!
Axe 'Em Jacks!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Why the SFA Jack Walkers love the Big Dip Ceremony

Finding your seat within SFA's Grand Ballroom is just the beginning of one of the most exciting traditions on SFA's campus, the Big Dip ceremony.

It is today that hundreds of students earned their SFA rings, several of which were Jack Walkers.

It is an honor only upper class-men qualify for.
The ring symbolizes achievement and promise for your future as a forever Lumberjack.

Below, our very own Lumberjacks explain why their ring means so much to them on this special day.

Nick Terrell: "This day is important to me because I view the Big Dip as a day to reflect on all of my earned achievements, thus far, and to enjoy participating in an unforgettable SFA tradition."

Miguel Rodriguez: "Today is important to me because this shows the work that I've put in to achieve this milestone in my career at SFA and because I get to enjoy this amazing tradition with some of my closet friends that are also receiving their rings."

Maddie Lane: "Today is important to me because I just gained another family! I love SFA and all of the friends I have made while here. It's so special to me to share today with so many amazing people!"

Congrats to our Jacks!

Friday, April 3, 2015

March #SFAshowcase15 Winners

Congratulations to our photo and video winners of the March #SFAShowcase15 contest! It was a gorgeous day to be at SFA and we can tell from your submissions!

Photo 1: @_foudray Best "college-bound" reenactment 
Photo 2: @m16winslow  Bending over backwards for "the school of her dreams"!
Photo 3: @Kalebfields13 Most Artistic
Top Video: @Dmluvs5k Jumping Jacks! 
A video posted by @dmluvs5k on

Remember to send us your addresses so that all of you can receive your SFA Swag Bags!

Friday, March 6, 2015

#SFAShowcase15 Photo Contest February Winners

Today we announce the three amazing winners of the #SFAShowcase15 Photo Contest! There are always hundreds of pictures to sort through and this year the creativity was on another level!

1. Best Overall (@raym0ndtx) 

Not only do we think this looks like the perfect album cover, but it was taken in front of our favorite building on campus! Great job! 

2. Most Creative Photo Series (@_Lizzyanna_)
SFA matchmaking at its finest. If you love Homer that much, we expect to see you front and center in the Purple Haze section at every football game! #Bae 

3. Most Dedicated Lumberjack (@g_nessa_s)
Out with the old, in with the NEW! #Axe Em! 

This #FutureLumberjack had a picture on nearly every corner of campus, but our favorite was definitely the one she took when she got to her car. 

She is proof, that just one day at SFA will change your life forever! 

Thank you to everyone who participated! Be sure to stay in contact with us on twitter and instagram @sfajwalkers!
Axe 'Em Jacks!

Monday, February 23, 2015

SFA Showcase Academic Fair in 60 seconds

Deciding on an academic major can be scary, but at SFA's Showcase Saturday Academic Fair, you can view all of your Academic Options under one roof! Check out all you can do in the 60 second video above! 

Once inside the Academic Fair, Students will be able to meet with professors, advisors, and students within every department. 

Not only are there academic departments available at the fair, but academic assistance programs will be in attendance as well. 

Be sure to check out tables like the AARC (Academic Assistance and Resource Center), the Academic Advising Center, SFA 101, Study Abroad programs, and many more! 

Showcase Saturday Spring 2015 dates: February 28th and March 28th! 

Axe Em Jacks!