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Friday, October 31, 2014

What the Battle of the Piney Woods Means to a Lumberjack

When you Google, "Battle of the Piney Woods 2014", this is this first thing you will see...

To a Lumberjack, that description doesn't even scratch the surface.

For current SFA students, "Battle of the Piney Woods" begins on Friday!
After waiting for your friends to get out of their Friday morning class, you pack your bag for the three day mini road trip with your friends. You're sure to cram one-too-many people in the backseat, mostly because you are all splitting the gas money.

But although you're sitting crooked the entire two and half hours, the car ride will be some of the most memorable hours of your life!
When you get to Houston on Friday night, you have two options: to explore Houston with your posse or to gather your strength for the next day. Both options are respectable!

Before you know it, its game day! You wake up with the same feeling you used to get on Christmas morning. After deciding on the best purple piece in your closet, you get to tailgate as fast as you can!
The best part about tailgate is that it is like someone picked up all the friends you'd normally see at the AG Pond at SFA and moved them to the parking lot of Reliant Stadium.
You'll also do your best to make really good friends with some SFA Alumni, because you know they have plenty of food and drinks to share!

Photo by: SFA Alumni Association

It goes unsaid that the Battle of the Piney Woods game is awesome in every way. There is nothing like watching your beloved team rush a football field that the pros play on, and when you win (like we will) the feeling is oh so sweet.

You spend your entire Sunday sharing stories, recapping the game, and looking at your phone full of pictures from the weekend you will never forget!

For SFA Alumni, "The Battle of the Piney Woods" begins (after 5pm) on Friday! It is one of the most anticipated weekends of your year, because Battle of the Piney Woods immediately reminds you just how amazing it was to be a college student at the best university in Texas!

Just like the students, Lumberjack Alumni will wake up with the same butterfly feeling in their stomach (debatably even more intense)! Many get to reunite with fellow Lumberjacks they haven't seen in years! "Who's married?" "Who has kids?" "Remember than one time at SFA when we (insert awesome story)!?"
Photo by: SFA Alumni Association

As an alumni, you'll bring out your biggest tent and enough tailgating food to feed a small army. Your really fun alumni friends will bring their RVs and you'll feel like a saint, now that you're able to give back to the young Lumberjacks.

The game is undeniably awesome because you're sitting in comfortable seats with a fantastic view and no matter the final score, you will always be a tried-and-true fan. You'll probably even find yourself getting so emotionally invested in the game, that you have to mentally talk yourself down. It happens to the best of them.

As Monday rolls around, your sleep schedule will be a little off, being that you found yourself up late with old friends... similar to how you did in college! But no matter how tired you are, every moment of the weekend was worth it!

So, Moral of the story? Google wasn't necessarily wrong, but they definitely weren't right!

For more information about The Battle of the Piney Woods and how you can get tickets to the big game, visit www.sfajacks.com!

Axe Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua
Senior Mass Communication

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