Welcome to the Lumberjack Experience!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See you at Showcase!

It's that time of year again! Showcase Saturday will be this weekend (February 22, 2014). Come dressed in your SFA purple and comfortable walking shoes, because there is going to be a lot to see on our campus this Saturday!

Registration for the event begins at noon, with Opening Programs following at 1pm. Students and parents will be able to see what the Lumberjack Experience is all about. You will have many opportunities throughout the day to find out about your interests within academic departments, social involvement, and much more! The detailed program will assist in guiding you to the appropriate informational sessions throughout the day!

Don't forget to come meet all of the Jack Walkers while you are here! We will be located in the center of campus, facilitating the campus tours from 1pm-5pm. We are excited to meet our future Lumberjacks and we can't wait share why we bleed purple!

Save travels to all! Axe em Jacks!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jack Walker Applications Available Now!

Jack Walker applications are now available for the Fall 2014 semester. Students interest in becoming a part of the Life Changing team can pick up a application in the admissions office, Rusk Building 206. Applications will be due at 5pm, March 18th. We will not accept any applications past that time, so hurry over! Looking forward to meeting you all!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

Monday, February 10, 2014

Military Monday

The life of a Military Science/ROTC major is designed for some of the strongest minds at SFA. There are a world of opportunities (academic and social) that are included within a degree plan of this nature.

For many who enroll within this department of study, they have some experience with ROTC from high school or they are already interested in a future in the United States Army. However, most incoming students have a the misconception Military Science/ROTC is just an organization. On the contrary, this specific degree provides our students the necessary information to become commission Army Officers, upon graduation. 
Our lumberjacks are tested on physical endurance, team work skills, and  how to conduct missions as an Army Soldier. 

Students studying in this field will serve as leaders on our campus. They show their spirit for our university in many ways. Last Thursday, the SFA Basketball team recognized members of the military at our home game against Nicholls State. This is just one of the many ways our Military Science/ROTC programs show their presence on campus. It was an opportunity for the entire Stephen F. Austin campus to give back to those who give their lives for our freedom. 

For more information about Military Science/ROTC, please contact the Enrollment Advisor/Recruiting Operations Officer Kyle Lock at lockekp@sfasu.edu.

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Digging Deep!

We pride ourselves at Stephen F. Austin on our diverse and valued history. The students studying towards a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology receive a first hand grasp on all there is to know about human cultures, nature, and all that applies to the past.

The Anthropology and Archaeology Lab (AAL) has been around for almost 30 years and is a way for our Lumberjacks to get the hands on training they will need in a professional setting. The large amount of field work done within the AAL labs will also help the students have a more firm grasp on the social science involved with this specific type of study.

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and piecing together bits and pieces of our wonderful history, then this is the perfect major for you!

Our students studying in Anthropology and Archaeology are also member of the Anthropology and Archaeology club. The clubs host social meetings, as well as big events where they travel to different sites around the state and world!

I personally took an Anthropology class my freshmen year at SFA and it was, hands down my favorite class I have ever taken. Dr. Leslie Cecil was my professor and I was captivated by her method of teaching the class in such an relatable way. Since her class, I have been so much more conscious about the world I live in and the people who surround me.

For more information about this degree visit their website!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker