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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Postcard!

We are so excited to announce that the Jack Walkers have a new postcard! Look out for it when you come on tour! 

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Performance

Within the Stephen F. Austin School of Music, there are an elite group of students studying towards a degree in music performance. Throughout this degree plan, students learn how to master performance technique through four different concentration areas: keyboard, keyboard pedology, orchestral instruments, and voice. 

A large part of the degree plan requires our students to perform in small and large musical performance groups. Ensemble groups and individual performers showcase their work throughout the school year. This is a great way for our music students to get involved and create a social network on campus. 

This is the perfect choice of study for an individual who is willing to put in practice time outside of the classroom and isn't afraid to be center stage. For more information about a Bachelor in Music Performance visit www.music.sfasu.edu. 

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, January 20, 2014

SFA School of Nursing

As one of the most desire majors at SFA, the Richard and Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing preps our Lumberjacks for a life in the medical field. Students who plan on majoring in Nursing must first complete a series of pre-nursing courses, with a strong emphasis in science. Once all the prerequisites are complete, our students complete a special application to the School of Nursing. Every semester, a new batch of students is accepted into the school of Nursing. Upon their acceptance, these students begin working in hands on with our state of the art facilities, participating in "clinicals" at hospitals around the East Texas Area, and preparing for the State Nursing Tests. 

Despite the fact that the School of Nursing is located off campus, our Nursing students work to make their presence known on campus. The National Student Nurses Association hosts many events across campus each year, including giving free flu shots during the winter season. It is a great opportunity for our Nursing students to gain real work experience and host a fun and interactive event. 

If you like making an impact on people lives and studying about the body, this is the major for you! 

Learn more about the SFA School of Nursing at their website or Facebook

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker