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Friday, December 12, 2014

A Bittersweet Farewell to Blake Taylor & Sandra Ramirez

(Photo by: Erika Bazaldua)
SFA Lumberjacks Blake Taylor and Sandra Ramirez have been a part of the Jack Walker family for most of their college career. This week, we say goodbye to these students for two exciting reasons...

Blake Taylor shaking hands with Dr. Baker Pattillo at The Big Dip.
(Photo by: SFA Alumni Association)
Blake Taylor was most commonly recognized as the Lumberjack, during his four years at SFA. Outside of being a Jack Walker Life Changer, he immersed himself in the Lumberjack Experience (Jack Camp Student Director, Mr. SFA, and more). He graduates this December with his degree in Business Economics.
Blake admits he is most looking forward to turning his SFA ring around at the commencement ceremony.

On his way out, he left us with his favorite SFA memory:
"My favorite memory at SFA was getting to be a part SFA's basketball team making history in San Diego, as the Lumberjack mascot. I will never forget when they beat VCU in the NCAA March Madness tournament! The feeling was incredible!"
Blake plans on returning home to Rowlett, TX, where he will spend the holidays with his family. From there, he is packing his bags and moving to Nashville, TN. Blake is taking this opportunity to chase his music dreams, along with his band "Kindred".

(Photo by: Angelly Photography)
For some Lumberjacks, their last semesters at SFA may not actually be spent in Nacogdoches. Our beloved Sandra Ramirez leaves the SFA campus for the internship of her dreams, beginning in the upcoming spring semester.

Sandra explains:
"I will be at KIPP: Generations Collegiate as an intern for a freshmen collegiate course. KIPP instills the importance of college to students, as early as their elementary years.  As a KIPP alumni, I am excited to go home and give back to the school that has given so much to me."
Sandra is on track to graduate in December of 2015 with her degree in Child Development and Family Living, with a minor in Spanish.

She will be the first of her family to graduate college and upon that exciting moment, Sandra hopes to start off working as a counselor/teacher, with the end goal of starting a KIPP school of her own.

The Office of Admissions wishes these two Lumberjacks the best of luck in their upcoming endeavors.

Axe 'Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua 
Senior Mass Communication

Monday, November 17, 2014

#SFAShowcase14 Photo Contest Winners

The Office of Admissions at Stephen F. Austin State University has been absolutely blown away by the incredible participation in the #SFAShowcase14 Photo Contest! We were thrilled to look out on campus and see students pulling out their phones to capture every amazing moment of Showcase Saturday. We saw selfies with professors, best friends taking on the day, and photos that made us laugh! (Click hyperlinks for #SFAShowcase14 Photo Reference)

Before we announce our contest winners, we want all of our participants to know that this decision was not easy! After a full day of searching through hundreds of photos on Instagram and Twitter, we have come to a decision on three awesome future lumberjacks!

#SFAShowcase14 "Best Captions" Winner (@rarelynottweet)

@rarelynottweet had a string of hilarious pictures throughout the entire day of Showcase Saturday! There wasn't one picture that didn't have an SFA pun attached to it. All we have to say is...
 "Axe-cellent" work! 
@rarelynottweet winner for "Best Captions"

#SFAShowcase14 "Most Creative" Winner (@kaaaati_kaaay)

@kaaati_kaaay had some help from her two buddies that joined her during Showcase Saturday! Kati showed the most creativity throughout the day, especially by snagging a couple axe handles from our very own Jack Walkers! But what really won it for Kati was her stunt in front of Surfin' Steve!
We are curious if Kati is going to share her gifts with her friends?
@Kaaaati_Kaaay winner for "Most Creative"

#SFAShowcase14 "Best Overall" Winner (@morgangribble)

Our Jack Walkers could not believe their eyes when they saw Future Lumberjack, Moran Gribble, ask her little brother to get on his hands and knees, so that she could pose as Surfin' Steve. This girl's family has definitely "got her back" and it paid off! Great picture, Morgan!
@morgangribble winner for "Best Overall"

We want to thank everyone for their amazing participation in the #SFAShowcase14 Photo Contest. After visiting SFA during Showcase Saturday, we hope you can agree that there is nothing better than being a Lumberjack!

Axe 'Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua 
Senior Mass Communication

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top 5 Things to do at SFA's Showcase Saturday

Follow the trend. (Photo by: Erika Bazaldua) 
You've set you plans in stone for Showcase Saturday, so now you need to know what to do when you get here! Our Showcase Saturday events schedule is jam packed with events that you aren't going to want to miss! We have picked our top five things to do and described them below.

1. Meet your future professors at the Academic Fair! 

Our teachers are putting aside their weekend to meet YOU! They love what they do and most importantly, they want to see our Future Lumberjacks succeed in their studies.

2. Take a tour from the SFA Jack Walkers! 

These students aren't just giving you a typical building tour of campus, they are enlightening you on the "Lumberjack Experience"! They'll be able to give you real answers to your questions about life as a student at SFA! 

3. Visit with a Financial Aid Advisor!

Outside of the three Financial Aid Information sessions throughout the day, you have an opportunity to find out more about your personal financial standing here at the university! Don't leave without knowing your options about how you can pay for your education!

4. Look inside multiple on-campus residence halls! 

You're going to want to check out the various living options, while at SFA! Every residence hall will have rooms open to view. Plus, you can have your questions answered about residence hall pricing and the residence hall application process.

5. Last but not least, participate in the #SFAShowcase15 Photo Competition! 

For our social media lovers, this is your opportunity to get creative and show your Lumberjack Spirit! Attach #SFAShowcase15 to your own Twitter or Instagram pictures throughout Showcase Saturday. We will look through all of them, and pick THREE WINNERS! Winners of the #SFAShowcase15 Competition will receive a care package of SFA swag (apparel, accessories, and more)! There is no limit on how many pictures you can upload, so post away! 

Don't forget: Registration for Showcase Saturday begins at 12pm on the first floor of the Baker Pattillo Students Center! 

Axe Em Jacks! 
Senior Mass Communication 

Monday, November 10, 2014

SFA Showcase Saturday THIS Saturday!

This Saturday, the Office of Admissions and the Jack Walkers open up the entire SFA campus for Showcase Saturday. Being that this day is the most anticipated day of the fall semester, the Jack Walkers wanted to show how excited they are to meet our guests! 

Safe travels to everyone joining us this weekend! 

Axe Em Jacks! 
Erika Bazaldua 
Senior Mass Communication 

Friday, November 7, 2014

#FutureLumberjack: Will YOU be Next?

The Office of Admissions has been searching for a way to highlight and help celebrate our future Lumberjacks, so we have officially started "Future Lumberjack Friday"!

Follow these three easy steps to get involved with our social media fun!

1) When you come visit campus, take a tour from the Jack Walkers, wear your SFA t-shirt to school, or do anything that involves our wonderful university, post a picture or tweet about it with the hashtag "FutureLumberjack"!! We want to see our future Lumberjacks get creative!

2) Stay patient.... All throughout the week, we will look through those pictures and tweets and we will pick our favorites to feature every Friday! You don't have to be an accepted student to participate.

3) Check the Jack Walker Twitter and Instagram (@sfajwalkers) every Friday to see if you have been chosen!

So, blow up your feed with SFA pride, because next week could be you!

This week we want to congratulate @rebecarod17 and @laurensaurous!! Both of these ladies have received their awesome SFA acceptance letters and we could not be happier for them! @rebecarod17 cracked us up with her additional hashtags... #Ijumpedforawhile.

Axe Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua 
Senior Mass Communication

Friday, October 31, 2014

What the Battle of the Piney Woods Means to a Lumberjack

When you Google, "Battle of the Piney Woods 2014", this is this first thing you will see...

To a Lumberjack, that description doesn't even scratch the surface.

For current SFA students, "Battle of the Piney Woods" begins on Friday!
After waiting for your friends to get out of their Friday morning class, you pack your bag for the three day mini road trip with your friends. You're sure to cram one-too-many people in the backseat, mostly because you are all splitting the gas money.

But although you're sitting crooked the entire two and half hours, the car ride will be some of the most memorable hours of your life!
When you get to Houston on Friday night, you have two options: to explore Houston with your posse or to gather your strength for the next day. Both options are respectable!

Before you know it, its game day! You wake up with the same feeling you used to get on Christmas morning. After deciding on the best purple piece in your closet, you get to tailgate as fast as you can!
The best part about tailgate is that it is like someone picked up all the friends you'd normally see at the AG Pond at SFA and moved them to the parking lot of Reliant Stadium.
You'll also do your best to make really good friends with some SFA Alumni, because you know they have plenty of food and drinks to share!

Photo by: SFA Alumni Association

It goes unsaid that the Battle of the Piney Woods game is awesome in every way. There is nothing like watching your beloved team rush a football field that the pros play on, and when you win (like we will) the feeling is oh so sweet.

You spend your entire Sunday sharing stories, recapping the game, and looking at your phone full of pictures from the weekend you will never forget!

For SFA Alumni, "The Battle of the Piney Woods" begins (after 5pm) on Friday! It is one of the most anticipated weekends of your year, because Battle of the Piney Woods immediately reminds you just how amazing it was to be a college student at the best university in Texas!

Just like the students, Lumberjack Alumni will wake up with the same butterfly feeling in their stomach (debatably even more intense)! Many get to reunite with fellow Lumberjacks they haven't seen in years! "Who's married?" "Who has kids?" "Remember than one time at SFA when we (insert awesome story)!?"
Photo by: SFA Alumni Association

As an alumni, you'll bring out your biggest tent and enough tailgating food to feed a small army. Your really fun alumni friends will bring their RVs and you'll feel like a saint, now that you're able to give back to the young Lumberjacks.

The game is undeniably awesome because you're sitting in comfortable seats with a fantastic view and no matter the final score, you will always be a tried-and-true fan. You'll probably even find yourself getting so emotionally invested in the game, that you have to mentally talk yourself down. It happens to the best of them.

As Monday rolls around, your sleep schedule will be a little off, being that you found yourself up late with old friends... similar to how you did in college! But no matter how tired you are, every moment of the weekend was worth it!

So, Moral of the story? Google wasn't necessarily wrong, but they definitely weren't right!

For more information about The Battle of the Piney Woods and how you can get tickets to the big game, visit www.sfajacks.com!

Axe Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua
Senior Mass Communication

Monday, October 27, 2014

Homecoming 2014: "SFAirytale"

It was a big Homecoming weekend here at SFA and we have the pictures and videos to prove it!
After a full week of Homecoming fun, Friday night kicked off with an always gorgeous bonfire. Country Singer Bart Crow performed for our Lumberjacks just as the bonfire fireworks show came to a close. The entire night had every Lumberjack excited for a huge Saturday!
Saturday morning in downtown began with a delicious "Flap Jack Breakfast" and a Homecoming parade the whole Nacogdoches community celebrates! Students and community organizations walked proudly alongside huge trucks and decorated floats.
When the parade concluded, the spirited crowd moved from the downtown brick roads to Homer Bryce stadium for one of the biggest Football games of the season! Alumni and students filled the tailgating areas as they prepped for the favored Homecoming game and our boys didn't disappoint! The SFA Lumberjacks won 27-17 against Southeastern Louisiana (ranked 8th in the FCS).
It was a great weekend to be a Lumberjack!
Next week, the Lumberjacks take on our rivals at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Tx, Sam Houston State University.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Schedule a Saturday Tour with the SFA Jack Walkers

Houston Seniors (left to right) Madeline and Hollan posing at Surfin' Steve after their SFA campus tour. (Photo by: Erika Bazaldua) 
Houston Seniors, Madeline and Hollan, visited campus this past Saturday for a tour before the big SFA football game. The two ladies were just a couple of the many prospective students and parents on campus for a tour! Just like during weekly tours, visiting students are able to see inside campus buildings, visit the library, recreation center, see inside a real freshmen residence hall, and even speak one-on-one with an SFA Admissions counselor!

These two girls got a special peak inside several of the classrooms at SFA's Early Childhood Lab and were blown away by what that amazing part of our school has to offer. Madeline plans on studying elementary education at SFA and left the building excited for a possible future in elementary studies.
Hollan expressed, "Where was all of this cool stuff whenever I was in elementary school!?"

If you are student with a limited number of "college visit days"or it's difficult for mom and dad to get off work during the work week... that's okay! Saturday Tours at SFA is our way to get you on campus at a convenient time for your schedule. Be sure to call our office to sign up for a spot on either our 10:30am or 12pm tours. Slots are filling up fast, so pencil us into your calendar as soon as possible! You won't regret it!

Axe Em Jacks!
Erika Bazaldua 
Senior Mass Communication

Thursday, October 2, 2014

23 Reasons Why We Love October at SFA

Spring 2014 SFA Jack Walkers (Photo By: Erika Bazaldua)
As we roll into the month of October, our excitement is spilling over! SFA features a number of traditions, festivals, and activities for the students and community members during the month of October and you definitely don't want to miss out. Below are 23 reasons why the Jack Walkers love October at SFA. Think about how amazing it would be if you lived here year round!?

  1. Mid-Semester - When Lumberjacks axe their mid-terms!
  2. Home Games - Football, Volleyball, and any SFA team that plays at home! 
  3. Lots of Tours On Campus  - Be sure to call ahead! Our tour slots fill up fast! 
    Jack Walkers Jermaine Merritt and Nick Terrell 
  4. SFA Fabulous Fall Festival Plant Sale - Even if you don't have a garden, this is an event people all over the state attend!
  5. Chris Young & (SFA Alumni) Big Joe Walker Concert - We are packing the coliseum for a night of country music you'd see playing in a "big" city! 
  6. No more humidity! - Goodbye summer! See ya next year! 
  7. 5Ks Galore! - If you're an athlete, you'll love Saturday mornings in Nac. Every weekend in October there are plenty of 5Ks to choose from. You'll be running through gorgeous piney wood trails and helping out some amazing charities. 
  8. Piney Woods Fair - State Fair of Texas and the Houston Rodeo doesn't compare to the good ol' Piney Woods Fair in Nacogdoches. Bring your best friends out for a night of small town fun, perfect for a college budget . 
  9. Trees Turning Colors On Campus - It is safe to say we have the most beautiful campus in the nation. 
  10. Fall clothing! - Time to bring out our favorite SFA sweatshirts and jackets that have been patiently waiting in our closets!
  11. Live Music in Downtown Nac -  Sing and dance your boots off at downtown locations like Liberty Bell and Banita Creek Hall, during musical performances by local and famous artists.  
  12. Homecoming Bonfire - You may have "bonfired" before, but you have never done it like this. Join the entire school as we light the biggest bonfire you'll ever see at the intramural fields, all while enjoying the sounds of country music and the sight of gorgeous fireworks! We know how to prep for Homecoming at SFA!
  13. Downtown Homecoming Parade - The morning of Homecoming all the students of the university join with the community of Nacogdoches for the biggest parade of the year! Many of our Jack Walkers are featured in it every year! 
    Jack Walkers who stood on floats during Homecoming Parade 2013.
  14. Homecoming Football Game - Have we mentioned we love Homecoming? 
  15. One Month Away from the Battle of the Piney Woods - After Homecoming wraps up, our Lumberjacks start to get mentally prepared for our rival game against Sam Houston State University at Reliant Stadium in Houston. 
  16. Getting Closer to Showcase Saturday - This year's Showcase Saturday is on November 15th! This will be our only open-house event this fall, so make sure you're here for it! 
  17. SFA's Cole Performing Arts Series - For our music and arts appreciation students, check out our School of Music and their incredible list of shows they have during the month of October. 
  18. Scary Movies at the SAA Movie Theatre - Have you heard about our $2 Movie Theatre? Watch all your favorite scary movies during the month of October at a not-so-scary price!
  19. Local Haunted Houses - We are not short of Haunted Houses in East Texas! In fact, we think they are the scariest! 
  20. Ghost Tours of Nacogdoches - Ghost enthusiasts unite! Ghost tours of Nac will have your mind blown!
  21. Halloween - Remember: When in doubt, go for the Lumberjack or Ladyjack costume. You can never go wrong. 
  22. J-Walker Applications Out For Students To Apply - Ever wanted to change lives like the Jack Walkers? Pick up an application today in the Admissions office and you just might be the next addition to our amazing team! 
  23. And last but not least... October is another month we are Lumberjacks at the best university you could possibly choose! 

Axe Em Jacks!
SFA Senior Mass Communication 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome Back Students

Its been a great first week here at SFASU. 
Now our first spirit Friday of the semester gets started with our Jack Walker Shelby! 

-Miguel Rodriguez 
Lead Jack Walker 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lumberjacks Show Support for Men's Basketball Team

The Stephen F. Austin state university men's basketball team left for the 2014 NCAA tournament this morning, surrounded by a large crowd of Lumberjacks wishing them good luck!
Students, faculty, news crews, and Nacogdoches locals came out to the coliseum dressed in SFA purple and anxiously awaiting each of our star players.  
One by one, the lumberjack basketball team athletes left the coliseum doors and made their way through a tunnel of screaming fans and congratulatory signs. 
It has been an amazing season for our men's basketball team. This will be the second time in history that SFA has qualified for the NCAA tournament.  The Lumberjacks are Southland Conference Champions and hold a 33 game home win streak. 
First year head coach, Brad Underwood, has been named the 2014 SLC Coach of the Year, as he lead his team to such success throughout the past season. 
The first game at the Big Dance for the Lumberjacks will be against the VCU Rams, (Virginia Commonwealth University) this upcoming Friday. From there, our men will need to tough through a series a nationally accredited teams to be able to compete in the final rounds. 
We are filled with pride knowing that our Lumberjacks have made it all the way to San Diego and we can't wait to watch them "axe" the rest of the March Madness competition! This Cinderella team is not done yet!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Jack Walker Interest Meetings!

It is that time of year again and the Jack Walkers are looking for new potential Life Changers! Come find out what the Jack Walkers are all about in one of the two interest meetings we are hosting this week!

This is a fun and interactive opportunity for the Jack Walkers to get to know you, as well as let you what you can expect as a member of the program! For those of you who love to interact with people, talk about your SFA experience, and be a part of an awesome team, then this is the role for you!

All interest meetings will be held in the Visitor's Center of the Rusk Building (Room 206) at 5pm this Tuesday (Mar 4) and Wednesday (Mar 5).

Can't wait to meet you all!
-The Jack Walkers

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See you at Showcase!

It's that time of year again! Showcase Saturday will be this weekend (February 22, 2014). Come dressed in your SFA purple and comfortable walking shoes, because there is going to be a lot to see on our campus this Saturday!

Registration for the event begins at noon, with Opening Programs following at 1pm. Students and parents will be able to see what the Lumberjack Experience is all about. You will have many opportunities throughout the day to find out about your interests within academic departments, social involvement, and much more! The detailed program will assist in guiding you to the appropriate informational sessions throughout the day!

Don't forget to come meet all of the Jack Walkers while you are here! We will be located in the center of campus, facilitating the campus tours from 1pm-5pm. We are excited to meet our future Lumberjacks and we can't wait share why we bleed purple!

Save travels to all! Axe em Jacks!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jack Walker Applications Available Now!

Jack Walker applications are now available for the Fall 2014 semester. Students interest in becoming a part of the Life Changing team can pick up a application in the admissions office, Rusk Building 206. Applications will be due at 5pm, March 18th. We will not accept any applications past that time, so hurry over! Looking forward to meeting you all!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

Monday, February 10, 2014

Military Monday

The life of a Military Science/ROTC major is designed for some of the strongest minds at SFA. There are a world of opportunities (academic and social) that are included within a degree plan of this nature.

For many who enroll within this department of study, they have some experience with ROTC from high school or they are already interested in a future in the United States Army. However, most incoming students have a the misconception Military Science/ROTC is just an organization. On the contrary, this specific degree provides our students the necessary information to become commission Army Officers, upon graduation. 
Our lumberjacks are tested on physical endurance, team work skills, and  how to conduct missions as an Army Soldier. 

Students studying in this field will serve as leaders on our campus. They show their spirit for our university in many ways. Last Thursday, the SFA Basketball team recognized members of the military at our home game against Nicholls State. This is just one of the many ways our Military Science/ROTC programs show their presence on campus. It was an opportunity for the entire Stephen F. Austin campus to give back to those who give their lives for our freedom. 

For more information about Military Science/ROTC, please contact the Enrollment Advisor/Recruiting Operations Officer Kyle Lock at lockekp@sfasu.edu.

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Digging Deep!

We pride ourselves at Stephen F. Austin on our diverse and valued history. The students studying towards a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology receive a first hand grasp on all there is to know about human cultures, nature, and all that applies to the past.

The Anthropology and Archaeology Lab (AAL) has been around for almost 30 years and is a way for our Lumberjacks to get the hands on training they will need in a professional setting. The large amount of field work done within the AAL labs will also help the students have a more firm grasp on the social science involved with this specific type of study.

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and piecing together bits and pieces of our wonderful history, then this is the perfect major for you!

Our students studying in Anthropology and Archaeology are also member of the Anthropology and Archaeology club. The clubs host social meetings, as well as big events where they travel to different sites around the state and world!

I personally took an Anthropology class my freshmen year at SFA and it was, hands down my favorite class I have ever taken. Dr. Leslie Cecil was my professor and I was captivated by her method of teaching the class in such an relatable way. Since her class, I have been so much more conscious about the world I live in and the people who surround me.

For more information about this degree visit their website!

-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Postcard!

We are so excited to announce that the Jack Walkers have a new postcard! Look out for it when you come on tour! 

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Performance

Within the Stephen F. Austin School of Music, there are an elite group of students studying towards a degree in music performance. Throughout this degree plan, students learn how to master performance technique through four different concentration areas: keyboard, keyboard pedology, orchestral instruments, and voice. 

A large part of the degree plan requires our students to perform in small and large musical performance groups. Ensemble groups and individual performers showcase their work throughout the school year. This is a great way for our music students to get involved and create a social network on campus. 

This is the perfect choice of study for an individual who is willing to put in practice time outside of the classroom and isn't afraid to be center stage. For more information about a Bachelor in Music Performance visit www.music.sfasu.edu. 

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker 

Monday, January 20, 2014

SFA School of Nursing

As one of the most desire majors at SFA, the Richard and Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing preps our Lumberjacks for a life in the medical field. Students who plan on majoring in Nursing must first complete a series of pre-nursing courses, with a strong emphasis in science. Once all the prerequisites are complete, our students complete a special application to the School of Nursing. Every semester, a new batch of students is accepted into the school of Nursing. Upon their acceptance, these students begin working in hands on with our state of the art facilities, participating in "clinicals" at hospitals around the East Texas Area, and preparing for the State Nursing Tests. 

Despite the fact that the School of Nursing is located off campus, our Nursing students work to make their presence known on campus. The National Student Nurses Association hosts many events across campus each year, including giving free flu shots during the winter season. It is a great opportunity for our Nursing students to gain real work experience and host a fun and interactive event. 

If you like making an impact on people lives and studying about the body, this is the major for you! 

Learn more about the SFA School of Nursing at their website or Facebook

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker