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Monday, December 2, 2013


Within the Arthur Temple College of Forestry there are wide range of major choices that suit our most environmentally conscious students at Stephen F. Austin State University. Fortunately for our Lumberjacks, the SFA campus is surrounded by miles of east Texas forests, which creates a perfect environment for a student majoring in forestry. The four undergraduate programs dedicated to Forestry are Forest Management, Forest Wildlife Management, General Forestry, and Spatial Sciences. This major also accommodates those who are interested in online and distance learning. 
One of the things we find most interesting about this major is the historical and greatly successful student organization, the SFA Sylvans. The Sylvans were created at SFA in 1946 and compete against other schools around the nation in technical and physical events related to Forestry (archery, axe throwing, log chopping, pole climbing, compass and passing, etc.). Our very own Jack Walker, Grant Korbel, is an avid Sylvan and won first place in a competition this past year for DBH estimation. These students are truly living the Lumberjack experience. 
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-Erika Bazzle
Lead Jack Walker

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