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Monday, December 9, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Some of the most inspiring students at SFA are creating their very own cinematic masterpieces, within the program of filmmaking. Filmmaking is the perfect major for those who aspire to learn techniques in production, camera operation, screenwriting, or directing. From the moment our students start their filmmaking journey, they are immersed into a world of creativity. The School of Art prepares these students with the fundamental basics they will need to successfully master their advanced courses. 
As a filmmaking student, you will also enjoy many afternoons screening films, commercials, and documentaries in SFA's cozy cinematography building, located on the south side of campus. The filmmaking program provides fantastic opportunities for our Lumberjacks to showcase their film work in festivals nearby and all over the nation. Often times, you will work as a team with fellow students in your classes and find yourself in the most interesting places, while filming. 
For more information on our exciting filmmaking program, visit http://www.art.sfasu.edu/sites/film/ . 

-Erika Bazzle 
Lead Jack Walker 

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