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Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Sunday SFA spirit teams participated in a show off at SMU. This is where the teams all performed their nationals routines for friends and family. Our mascots, Blake Taylor and Sydney Thorne were in the routines as well as having support from our Jack Walkers, Cameron Holloway and Paige Miller! It was awesome having them there!
-Lauren Probus

Lauren is a member of the Large Co-ed cheerleading team and a Math Junior

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congratulations Lumberjacks!

CONGRATULATIONS to these two wonderful ladies!! Both Brianna and Mikaela are excited to be admitted into the university! We look forward to seeing both of these ladies soon as fellow Lumberjacks!
Here are the two ladies giving their "Axe 'Em Jacks" hand signs while ringing the Accomplishment Bell!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jack Walkers on Spring Break!

This spring break I went to New Orleans, LA! The city is a constant adventure and kept us busy with plenty of shopping, music, and fun-filled scenery. The town was sprinkled with purple and the gorgeous weather made it possible for us to stay outside for the majority of our days. I can't wait to go back!
-Erika Bazaldua, International Business Junior

This spring break, me and my boyfriend Blake went to the Houston Rodeo to see Kenny Chesney. It was really fun for the night, however, the next day I woke up with food poisoning and spent the afternoon in the Hospital! Thankfully, I'm all better now!
-Sami Vrana, Communication Sciences and Disorders Junior

My family and I went hiking in the Ozarks! It was a lot of fun, my Mom had recently purchased a vintage Airstream travel trailer and this was its maiden voyage.
-Sierra Zeringue, Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student

During the break I was finally able to spend time with my lovely godson! He is an amazing athlete and makes me very proud! It doesn't matter what we do, where we go, or where we are- every moment that I get to share with him is special. We would take turns visiting each other during the break, and he is such a goofball it took 3 tries to even get a picture with him! He kept doing silly expressions and dogding the camera- I finally gave up. Here we are in my room, I look a little lost and he is trying to hide behind his soup!
-Sandra Ramirez, Spanish Sophmore

And last but never least:
Ryan Horne – Fearless leader of the Jack Walkers!
For Spring Break 2013 I took my family to the happiest place on Earth, Disney World!! Here I am as a guard for the beautiful Princess Belle.
My wife and I ran into fellow Lumberjacks there!
Conquered Everest.
Enjoyed my time with my little princess.

And just sat back and enjoyed the Magic Kingdom!
Axe 'Em Jacks!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jack Walker Highlight: Sierra Zeringue

Hi everyone!
My name is Sierra Zeringue and while I have been at SFA, I have accumulated many titles throughtout my time here. “Jack Walker” is by far my favorite one! I am currently a Graduate student studying to get my Masters in Mental Health Counseling, but not too long ago I was at SFA receiving my Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology. I have been at SFA since I graduated from The Woodlands High School in 2007. It is so surreal to think I only have one more year left. Someone is going to have to drag me out of Nacogdoches!
In addition to being a Lead Jack Walker, I am also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (a national leadership honors society) the Lumberjack Leadership Academy and Chi Sigma Iota (an international honors society for counseling students and professionals). It took me a while to adjust my time management skills as an independent adult. However, with the skills I have gained, I am able to enjoy college in a way that also enhances my educational experience. When I look back on my college experience, it has proven to be everything I hoped it could be and more. Even though I’ve changed my major and tacked on an extra degree from my original plan, I am still so excited to be a student at SFA. The same things that originally drew me here (the high tree tops, the awesome professors that support you in your goals, the spirit that my fellow Lumberjacks have) are all the same things that kepte here when it was time to pick a Graduate School. There is nowhere in the world that I would rather be right now! Axe Em Jacks!