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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pasadena & Rayburn HS

Yesterday, the Jack Walkers hosted a Large Group Tour for several seniors and juniors from Pasadena & Rayburn High School! Cameron Holloway and Erika Bazzle answered questions about the "Lumberjack Experience", hit up the major hot spots on campus (i.e. Rec Center, Library, Surfin' Steve), and made it back just in time for lunch in the Student Center! Over half of the students that visited have already applied to SFA, and of those who have applied, about seven students will be joining us in the upcoming Fall semester! Congrats to all of our brand new Lumberjacks!

Best Student Tour Question: What is there to do, outside of the 200+ on campus activities, in Nacgodoches?
          Cameron: I really like Zip-Nac. For a low rate you and your friends can zipline through the east Texas Piney woods. Other than that, I hang out with my fraternity brothers and girlfriend on the weekends! The best way to find something to do in Nac, is to get out of your room and explore!
          Erika: One of my favorite spots in Nac is downtown. There are tons of adorable shops, yummy restaurants, and beautiful historic buildings to walk through. There is also a gorgeous running trail that connects SFA and downtown Nacogdoches. The trail is kind of hidden, so it is a very relaxing run for those who like a change from the treadmill!

Remember seniors, the time to apply is NOW!
Axe 'em Jacks!

-Erika Bazaldua
Jack Walker

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jack Walker Highlight: Justin Barington

Hi! My name is Justin Barington but everyone around here calls me JB. I am a senior here at SFA with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Special Education (non - teaching). I plan on graduating in May and I could not be more eager to jump into the crazy “big boy” world! When I look back at my memories of SFA I get chills. College was huge deal for me, especially coming from a family with no college experience. My anticipation for this new adventure was completely based on Hollywood's depiction of college, which was terrible judgment on my part. College is much more than the “party house” persona it receives. When I visited Nacogdoches it appeared to be too small for someone like me with big dreams. However, it proved me wrong as soon as I took my first step on campus as a Lumberjack. During my time here I got involved with countless organizations, made a number of lifelong friends, and attended classes with some of the greatest professors I could have ever asked for. (By the way, if anyone ever needs Physics on their transcript Dr. Piran is an answered prayer!) Most of all, I reached a level of true self-fulfillment and I could not be more proud of myself for everything I have accomplished. I thank SFA for molding me into a confident leader and an academically prepared adult. In closing, choosing a college is a huge decision but do yourself a huge favor and choose SFA! You won’t be let down!
Axe ‘Em Jacks!

-Justin Barington
Jack Walker Supervisor

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SFA Football Preparation

Today the Stephen F. Austin Football Team hosted over thirty families during their football recruitment weekend. Jack Walkers, Lauren Probus and Erika Bazzle, toured the prospective players and their families around the university. It was a gorgeous day in Nacogdoches and we are very confident that we have gained many new Lumberjacks from today's event!
Axe 'em Jacks!

-Erika Bazaldua
Jack Walker

Spring Showcase Saturday!

The spring semester has just begun and if you haven't made it to SFA yet, then NOW is the time! We have two Showcase Saturdays this spring semester! 
  • February 23, 2013
  • April 6, 2013
This is a fantastic opportunity for students and families to come see all that SFA has to offer. You will have the option to visit with representatives from every academic department, visit the housing facility of your choice, learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and enjoy a campus tour provided to you by the axe-cellent Jack Walkers! 

Make sure to mark your calendars because this is an event you do not want to miss! 

-Erika Bazaldua 
Jack Walker 

Welcome Future Lumberjacks!

Welcome to the new Stephen F. Austin State University Jack Walker Blog! We are all very excited to use this new blog to be able to communicate with prospective and current students of SFASU. We hope you check in often, because the Jack Walkers are always doing something new!
Have an axe-cellent day!

-Erika Bazaldua
Jack Walker